A Heart for missions

North America

  • Carole Beverly

    ABWE - Retired


  • Ben and Pat Burkey

    Biblical Ministries Worldwide

  • Bruce and Lisa Burkholder

    Editorial Bautista Independiente

  • Ruth Deck

    Retired from Trans World Radio

  • Don Drake

    Bible Basics International

  • Betty Hoover

    Child Evangelism Fellowship

  • Dave and Sandy Kelly

    Word of Life

  • Dale and JoAnn Loftis

    Retired from Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Sam and Imna Montoya

    Bible Basics International

  • VW and Susan Peters

    Latin America Field Administrator for Baptist Mid-Missions

  • David & Liz Roach


  • Wilma Sammons

    Editorial Bautista Independiente

  • Dale and Carol Smith

    InterAct Ministires

  • Paul and Sandy Swetland

    Roving Volunteers in Christ's Service (RVICS)

  • Paul and Laurel Timblin

    United Indian Mission serving in Arizona/Mexico

South America

  • Terry and Wendy Broyles

    Church Planting in Jundiai, Brazil with Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Marc and Elmyr frere

    Church Planting in Haiti with Baptist Mid-Missions.

  • David and Megan Guevara

    Church Planting and Youth Ministries in Honduras with BBI

  • Jean Harrell

    Retired from Brazil with ABWE

  • Dexter and Jackelle Kirby

    Church Planting in St. Vincent with Independent Faith Mission

  • Thelma Moore

    Retired from Brazil with ABWE

  • Bob and Becky Patten

    Church Planting in Santiago, Chile with ABWE

  • John Wilburn

    Church Planting in St. Vincent with Baptist Mid-Missions


  • Caleb & Sarah Burdett

    Baptist Mid-Missions, Church Planting in Spain

  • Tim and Pam Darling

    Church Planting in Salamanca, Spain with Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Jonathan and Hannah Romaine

    Church Planting in Spain with Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Lomax and Linda Skinner

    Church Planting in Landshut, Germany with Baptist Mid-Missions


  • Steve and Sandy Aholt

    Church Planting in Goroka, Papua New Guinea with ABWE

  • Bobby and Linnet Gupta

    Hindustan Bible Institute in India


  • Dan and Joan Cuthbertson

    Church Planting in Ivory Coast, West Africa with Baptist World Mission

  • Adam and Faith Drake

    Church Planting in Togo, West Africa with ABWE

  • evan and joy drake

    Bible Basics International, Togo, Africa

  • Ruth Kennedy

    Grace Village, Ethiopia with Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Kevin and Krista Rideout

    Aviation ministry in Niger, West Aftrica with SIM

  • Koffi and Elizabeth Wodome

    Church Planting in Togo, West Afrrica with Independent Gospel Missions

  • Mohammed and Fatouma Yattara

    Institut Biblique de la Boucle in Mali, West Africa