• Series Resources

    These are some resources to help you grow during our series through the book of Ephesians.

    PURSUIT VIDEO: This collection of The Pursuit is intended to help foster deeper conversation and application of our series in Ephesians. Listen by yourself, with friends or with your family to help engage in guided conversations.

    JOURNAL: As we study the book of Ephesians, we would highly recommend buying one of these Scripture Journals so you can take notes as we work through the book. These are very helpful to have scripture on one side and your application on the other side.

    DAILY STEPS: These 5 daily steps will help you memorize scripture by utilizing a routine that engages many of your senses and muscles in the memorization process. Add your own steps or other techniques that may personally help you more.

    31 WEEK PLAN: Following this plan will have you memorize 5 verses a week, one per weekday, for 31 weeks in order to memorize the entire book of Ephesians. Here is a schedule that follows our series through Ephesians.

  • Spiritual Gifts

    Here are two resources to help you assess and understand your Spiritual Gifts.

    SURVEY: This will guide you through an 80 question survey in order to better assess your Spiritual Gifts. After you're done we would love to hear from you about your results and how can we further help you in developing and using your gifts to build up the Body of Christ!

    DESCRIPTION: After identifying your gifts through the survey, this will help give more of an understanding of what your gifts are. Read through this list to learn more about your own gifts and others gifts as well.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    These are ministries that we support financially and they could use your help volunteering as you have availability.

    Winston-Salem Rescue Mission

    The Winston-Salem Rescue Mission exists to help hurting men find healing in the gospel of Jesus Christ and hope through the new life Christ gives.

    We welcome individuals, families, church and school groups, as well as business groups. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 336-723-1848 ext. 116 or email for more information or to schedule your group.

    Salem Pregnancy Care Center

    SPCC seeks to share the love and grace of God and to end the cycle of abortion. We do this through education and practical support, in partnership with the local church. 

    We couldn’t provide the FREE services we offer without the help of our team of volunteers. See each volunteer job and the detailed description of each job. Call 336-760-3680 or email for more information.

  • Pursuit Podcast

    The Pursuit is designed to help people find and pursue life in Jesus through transparent conversations about God, His Word and His Church. Hosted by the pastors of Salem Baptist. Listen or Subscribe Here

  • Prayer & Solitude

    Guides & prompts

    Here are three resources to help guide your prayer time intentionally.

    SOLITUDE: Better understand what solitude is, why it's important, and some steps you can take to having intentional solitude.

    ATTRIBUTES OF GOD: Focus on thanking God for who He is, because that alone is enough to praise Him for. Read through some passages revealing these attributes to draw your attention and affection toward God.

    WAYS TO PRAY SCRIPTURE: Work through these twelve subjects in your prayer time by reading and praying the corresponding scriptures listed.



    What is the role of corporate prayer in the church?

    Prayer is as necessary to the Christian as breathing is to the human body— but it often doesn’t come quite as naturally. In fact, prayer in the church often gets subtly pushed to the side in favor of pragmatic practices that promise tangible results.

    This book focuses on the necessity of regular prayer as a central practice in the local church—awakening us to the need and blessing of corporate prayer by examining what Jesus taught about prayer, how the first Christians approached prayer, and how to prioritize prayer in our congregations.    FIND ON AMAZON