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  • Pray


    • Praise the Lord that God brought Ian and Jonathan safely back to Cincinnati, Ohio though a medical evacuation flight from Pamplona!
    • Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of Hannah, Addaline, Mina to Cincinnati, through the help Salem Baptist Church and Team Logroño.
    • Praise the Lord for The Oaks Church in Cincinnati who provided temporary housing for the Romaine family since Ian was admitted in the Hospital. Thank you to Pastor Terry-Lee Kirkland for orchestrating such a smooth transition in a time of emergency.

    Prayer Requests:

    • Pray as Ian goes into surgery soon to have a biopsy on his brain tumor. It is a vascular tumor and very delicate procedure. 
    • Pray for the radiation treatments that Ian will receive after recovering from the biopsy.
    • Pray for the future plans as many things are in the air and we just need to make these important decisions one day at a time. 
    • Pray for our teammates Caleb & Sarah, Chloe and Pax; also for Tim and Pam Darling as they continue to minister in Spain and reach the lost. 
  • Prayer Team

    If you want to communicate with the Romaines any condolences, communication, etc. please join the Prayer-Band of Brothers and Sisters in Christ "Slack" team.

    The Romaines will submit updates when appropriate. You will be able to cross connect with other supporters like yourself and be a part of the spiritual and emotional support team.

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    You will need to create an account using your cell phone number. When you have the account created, select "Missionary Funds" on the first line and "Romaine Family Medical Emergency" on the second line, as shown below. Please consider choosing an ACH/checking account as it is the least expensive option for the church. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 336-722-9437 or email

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A Letter from the Romaines:

For all comments, words of prayer, encouragement can be Emailed one time to Hannah and I will go to your email when we need encouragement.


Our son is in trouble

Our son has a super rare brain tumor in the middle of his brain stem called:

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)

All Oncologists and Radiologist so far has ruled it a High Grade IV means that these are the most aggressive tumors.

Ian started to exhibit symptoms on Friday, April 15th.

His current symptoms include: 

Vision: He sees double when both eyes are open. He sees normal when each one of his eyes are closed. He has gone cross eyed. 

Speech: His speech is very slow and hard to understand (in Spanish and english)

Equilibrium: He can no longer stand on his own without getting dizzy or standing straight. He cannot walk a straight line and stumbles if not supported

All of these symptoms increase more each day it is is Stage 4 of 4 and aggressively attacking his 3 major systems: Nervous, Cardiovascular and Respiratory system.

Jesus Christ is the beginning and Jesus Christ is the ending. He is the first and He is the last. That means that Jesus Christ is eternal God. "And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End" Revelation 22:13 He is the author of my son’s life and rest in God’s will.  

“A GRAIN OF WHEAT MUST FALL AND DIE IN ORDER DOR IT TO BEAR FRUIT”. This is a quote Hannah and I have begun in prayer together as we endure the road ahead.  

One Keyword on our minds: WITNESS

We have many unsaved souls witnessing our lives, our support team and Christ's Church. We want to pursue God's glory through the response of faith and hope that can only be found in His beloved Son! Who knows our pain!

Although we don’t know God’s plans we have hundreds of witnesses, lost souls in Logroño and friends and family all over the world. Hannah and I want to continue to Find our identity in Jesus and serve him with all we are…Victorious in Jesus’ name!